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Royal Adelaide Showground – SA

The Royal Adelaide Showground recently underwent a $42 million redevelopment which incorporated 16,000 sqm of landscaped pavement.

Project Design Brief

The paving areas needed to withstand heavy traffic wheel loads from large mining and construction equipment displayed during exhibitions and transportable show rides for the Royal Adelaide Show.

ACO's Solution

ACO’s heavy duty Polycrete® Ducting system was chosen as it meets Load Class G (AS 3996 – Access Covers and Grates) and offers run layout flexibility.


  • The solid covers with removable bolts also ensures security and easy access to the cable network.
  • Manufactured from lightweight, strong and durable polymer concrete, Polycrete® Ducting consists of one metre modular channels that can be assembled to produce continuous runs to suit the cable route
Royal Adelaide Showground

Other ACO products used:

  • Trench drains & access covers
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