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Durability Enclosures are available in a choice of plastic, polymer concrete and concrete materials Protection Cable routes are safeguarded at or beneath the surface Security A choice of non-locking, standard locking to SCEC approved enclosures Versatility A choice of standard or custom sizes Aesthetics Covers to preserve the visual continuity of pavements

Cable pit & surface ducting

ACO is one of Australia’s foremost manufacturers of trafficable cable pits and continuous surface ducting systems complete with a selection of lids and access covers.

The range includes:

1. Rigid, lightweight, strong polymer concrete pits.
2. Flexible, light duty, moulded plastic pits.
3. SCEC endorsed plastic and concrete pits.
4. Series Isolation Transformer (SIT) pits.
Rigid modular (twin wall) plastic pits.
6.  Continuous linear surface ducting systems.

Product range benefits

  • Enclosures in a choice of materials for all load classes.
  • All levels of security up to SL2 SCEC approved enclosures.
  • A choice of standard or custom sizes.
  • The industry’s largest range of lids and access covers including the patented Pitlok® and  Powerlok® lids.
  • Purpose designed pit bodies manufactured from materials with excellent insulation.
  • Full range of site accessories to ensure trouble free installation.
  • Product range supported by an established technical advisory service to ensure correct product selection and advice on installation.

Typical applications

ACO cable pits are positioned on cable routes to provide branching or bending points and/or to allow access for jointing and maintenance. Common cables routed through ACO cable pits include data/communication fibre-optic cables and low voltage electrical wiring.

Surface cable ducting systems become the cable route and allow low voltage cables and other utilities to be laid directly along a trafficable pavement. They can be continually accessed through removable lids or covers. The enclosure is typically continuous.

ACO’s steel & iron access covers can be made discreet to harmonise with the building or urban environment.

Industry’s widest range of enclosures, lids and covers

Aco Range Of Enclosures Lids And Covers

ACO offers a wide range of trafficable cable enclosures in various materials including non-conductive plastic, cement concrete and polymer concrete.

To complement this range, ACO offers a choice of lids and access covers to meet the load requirements defined by AS 3996 for all security requirements from non-locking and standard locking to patented high security designs to meet specific client and government requirements.

ACO’s cover and frame systems also provide secure protection to cable enclosures and enable decorative floor finishes to be maintained with minimal interference.

ACO’s range of enclosures ACO’s range of lids / covers

About ACO Australia

Founded in 1946, the ACO Group has since established a strong reputation as reliable and innovative manufacturers of products for the building and construction industry. ACO in Australia was established in 1993 and is Australasia’s leading manufacturer of water and cable management products with production facilities located in Western Sydney and Goulburn, New South Wales. To read more, click here.

ACO Australia Office

ACO. creating the future of drainage

ACO is a global leader in water management, with products to collect, clean, hold and release water; addressing all phases of the water cycle and supporting water sensitive urban design. ACO offers a range of products for drainage and other services both outside and within the building envelope. To read more, click here.

ACO System Chain - Collect Clean Hold Release

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