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Perth Airport T1 and T2 Long Term Car Park, Perth, WA

Perth Airport is one of Australia’s busiest international airports with respect to overall passenger movements in excess of 13 million annually. It is also the larger of two civilian airports within the Perth metropolitan area. Perth Airport offers various parking locations including carparks for extended duration for passengers and visitors. These are located adjacent to all four of its terminals.

Project Design Brief

To provide access to a variety of cables for lighting, communications, power and CCTV, designers positioned a number of service pits at various locations within the carparks. The Operator required them to be secure to protect against vandalism and other potential threats to airport infrastructure. The enclosures would also need to be durable and able to facilitate quick and safe access to cables for easy maintenance. Lids would need to be load rated and suitable for a public area.

ACO's Solution

  • Type 99 Polycrete® Pits with PowerLok® steel lids


  • PowerLok® lids are designed for safety and convenience:
    – No obstructive locking bar or fiddly, loose bolts for maintenance crew to deal with
    – Lids are slip rated to AS/NZS 4586
  • PowerLok® lids are rated to Load Class B (AS 3996)
Perth Airport Long Term Carpark

Other ACO products used:

  • Other cable pit sizes (ACO Cablemate)
  • Trench drains (ACO Drain)
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