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Melbourne Airport Southern Precinct, VIC

Melbourne Airport is Australia’s second busiest airport and the southern precinct development aims to support the future growth of the airport over the next 40 years. The 35,000 square metre precinct will cater for up to 20 million passengers and comprises a new domestic terminal, new forecourt and multi-level transport interchange for shuttle buses, taxis and public transport.

Project Design Brief

A large number of infrastructure services including communication, lighting, electrical and CCTV cameras were required to be extended from the neighbouring Terminal 3 to the new development. Designers wanted to ensure that all service pits were secure to prevent access from unauthorised personnel.

ACO's Solution

  • Type 77 Plastic Pit with PowerLok® steel lids


  • Type 77 plastic pits can be fitted with PowerLokregistration mark lids
  • PowerLok® lids have a slip resistance rating of R10 to AS 4586
  • PowerLok® lids are compatible with standard size padlocks used by the Melbourne Airport Authority maintenance group
Melbourne Airport Southern Precinct

Other ACO products used:

  • Cable pits and trench drains
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