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ACO Cablemate systems

Precast cable pits

ACO offers the industry the largest range of cable enclosures, lids and access covers including the patented Pitlok®, Covercom® and  Powerlok® lids.
The pit bodies are purpose designed and manufactured from materials with excellent insulation and strength.

Australian made

Polycrete® Pits

polycrete pitsExcellent insulation properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical resistance and zero water absorption, makes them ideal as electrical and communications enclosures.

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Australian made

Polyethylene pits

polyethylene pitsPolyethylene moulded pits are lightweight, easy to cut and feature a ribbed construction for strength and durability. Recommended for light duty applications, they are robust, cost-effective and versatile.

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SCEC approved pits

SCEC approved pitsThe ACO PITLOK® and ACO COVERCOM® range are SCEC approved’ to SL1 And SL2 respectively.

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EzyBrixx® twin wall pits

EzybrixxEzyBrixx® is a range of modular rigid plastic cable pits. The twin wall design features a unique interlocking wedge system which ensures component interlock and wall rigidity. In most applications concrete backfill is not required.

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Australian made

Surface ducting channels

surface ducting channelsPolycrete® Ducting are light and heavy duty surface ducting systems. Both are available in 100mm, 200mm and 300mm nominal widths and consist of one metre length modular channels that are assembled to produce continuous runs.

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Australian made

SIT pits

SIT pitsThe Series Isolation Transformer (SIT) pit used for airfield runway lighting comprises a polymer concrete pit and collar with a galvanised lid. A polymer concrete stand is also available to support the series isolation transformer above the base of the pit.

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Standard lids

standard lidsA range of quick access lids compliant with industry standard lifting keys. Available in cement concrete, polymer concrete and hot dipped galvanised steel.

Steel lids are fitted with syringe guards and options exist for bolting.

Keyhole plugs available.

Powerlok® lids – security lid

Powelok security lidsPatented lid with no obtrusive locking bar.

Lockable Spring loaded access hatch (with a catch) which (when opened) gives access to a lock box containing a padlock or security bolt.

Red indicator visible when spring hatch is unlocked.

See Powerlok® animation.

Pitlok® lids – SCEC endorsed security lid

SCEC endorsed PitLok lidSCEC endorsed lid to SL 1 (Security Level 1), compatible with ACO’s SCEC endorsed concrete collars and concrete pits.

This patented security lid comprises a spring-loaded hatch, locking bar and an integrally welded locking chamber.

The locking bar protrudes through the chamber to engage with an SL3 endorsed padlock. The locking bar is removable for ease of access

Covercom® lids – SCEC endorsed security lid

scec approved covercom security lidThe most secure lid locking system in the industry.

SCEC endorsed lid to SL 2 (Security Level 2), compatible with ACO’s SCEC endorsed concrete collars and concrete pits.

The patented locking mechanism is built into the pit wall and engages to a purpose designed provision on the lid. Once the locking latch is open, the lid will lift with assistance of the tool.

Access Covers – Cover & frame systems

access cover and frame systemsWeather resistant access covers are installed integrally into pavements / slabs above an enclosure.

There are two types, solid top and recessed. Recessed covers can be filled with pavement materials to provide visual continuity.

Available in hot dipped galvanised steel and ductile iron, access covers can be arranged as multi-parts or as trench runs for large enclosures

Decorative edging is optional.

Lid security options

ACO’s lids and access covers are rated to AS 60529 (protection against the ingress of foreign objects), load certified to AS 3996 and slip rated to AS 4586.

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ACO AccessAccess cover & frame systems

ACO manufactures a range of high quality access covers which, whilst providing speedy and easy access to underground services, enable decorative floor finishes to be maintained with minimal interference.

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