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Salisbury Park ‘n’ Ride, Brisbane, QLD

Salisbury Railway Station is located on the Beenleigh line, south of Brisbane. Established in 1885, the station was later modernised in 1996 as the track gauge was upgraded to a dual gauge. This meant the station could be part of the Gold Coast line. Stage one of the new Salisbury Park ‘n’ Ride project was recently completed delivering 140 additional car park spaces.

Project Design Brief

Designers required a cable infrastructure for CCTV cameras and lighting within the car park precinct on the busy Beaudesert Road side of the station. The enclosures had to be secure to stop unauthorised access, as well as being safe for workers to access and for people to walk on.

ACO's Solution


  • Powerlok® lids can be easily upgraded to a higher-level security using padlocks, if required.
  • Powerlok® lids have a slip resistance rating of R10 to AS 4586 for pedestrian safety.
  • Powerlok® lids, once locked, do not contain any cumbersome loose bars or bolts, helping to keep metallic components away from cables.
Salisbury Park N Ride
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