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Main Road Upgrade, Glenorchy, Tasmania

Glenorchy City Council is one of the five municipalities in the Greater Hobart area and covers the suburbs north of central Hobart on the western shore of the Derwent River, including its namesake suburb, Glenorchy.

Main Road is a significant arterial road that runs through the northern suburbs of Hobart and is an essential part of the city’s infrastructure.

Project Design Brief

Designers required a number of new utility enclosures for communications, data, lighting, power and security services. They also wanted a moderate level of security across all service enclosure pits to ensure the facility would be able to function without interruptions. Each pit needed to be easily accessible for maintenance and safe to walk on.

ACO's Solution

  • ACO Cablemate® Polycrete® pits with PowerLok® steel covers


  • PowerLok® features a barless locking system to lock the lid directly through a fastened bracket, without the need for a low hanging locking bar that could impede service access
  • PowerLok® lids have a slip resistance rating of R10 to AS 4586 for pedestrian safety
  • PowerLok® lids can be easily upgraded with higher-level security functions such as padlocks, if required
Main Road Upgrade, Glenorchy

Other ACO products used:

  • Trafficable cable enclosures (ACO Cablemate®)
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