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Update On Scec Endorsed Lids

Update on SCEC endorsed lids

There has been some confusion in regards to the load rating of SCEC endorsed lids and I wanted to alert…

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Security Lids

ACO PITLOK® and ACO COVERCOM® industry leaders in security

We see the signs at bus shelters and on train lines. We notice the heavier than usual security force while…

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Introducing ACO’s PowerLok® Barless Locking System

A new innovation from ACO, the patented PowerLok® barless locking system has been designed to help secure lids to cable…

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Cable Pits

Cablemate Durable Product Design

The world of cable pits and cable ducting systems can, somewhat literally, remain underfoot, yet the durability of these enclosures…

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Cable Pits Safer Streets

Cable Pits for Safer Streets

Walking down a city street, you’d be forgiven for not noticing the medley of cable pits, manholes and other access…

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Sit Pits

Ready for Take-Off: ACO’s SIT Pit Range

Never heard of a Series Isolation Transformer? Then you’d be forgiven for failing to recognise a series isolation transformer (SIT)…

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