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Project support

ACO has an established Technical Services Department with many years experience advising on the use of cable enclosures generally and for individual projects. This free service is offered with no obligation and is supported with extensive, high quality information and technical documentation.

Cable Pits Project Support

a. Cable pit and surface ducting selection

ACO will perform a spacial analysis to determine the optimum size of pits and surface ducting required along the designated areas of a cable route. In addition, ACO will assist with the selection of the most appropriate lid/cover type.

Typical factors that are considered:

  • Intended function of enclosure (drawing pit, change of direction pit etc.)
  • Size and legislative restraints of cables (minimum bending radius, depth of cover etc.)
  • Nature of anticipated surface traffic
  • Desired protection, aesthetic and security requirements of each lid

b. Installation advice and details

Cable routes may pass through a variety of different pavements types with varying load and trafficability requirements. For each cable enclosure along the route, ACO will provide a CAD/PDF installation illustration and guidelines to ensure the integrity of the underground space is preserved.

c. Access holes & trench runs

For large customised cable spaces, ACO will configure a bespoke access cover arrangement (multipart) to meet the physical and structural requirements of the enclosure. ACO can issue customers technical drawings (PDF) showing the necessary requirements for the construction of the rebate prior to the installation of the multipart.

To request these services, contact ACO.

Project Support
Cablemate Technical Support
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