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Webb Dock Automotive Terminal, Melbourne, Victoria

With the closure in recent years of Australia’s car manufacturing industry, the Port of Melbourne Corporation increased its capability to import vehicles. Webb Dock comprises eight berths including a dedicated roll-on roll-off cargo terminal that is forecast to cater for 600,000 vehicle movements a year by 2025. The new terminal includes hardstand, loading and storage facilities for a total berth length of 920m.

Project Design Brief

New communications and data; lighting, power and CCTV services were required across the site. Designers had to specify secure durable cable pits, which would allow easy and safe access to cables so that maintenance would limit downtime to the terminal’s operation.

ACO's Solution

  • Type 66 Polycrete® Pits with PowerLok® steel lids


  • PowerLok® lids are designed for safety and convenience:
    – Metal components kept well away from cables so lid does not become live in the event of a fault
    – No obstructive locking bar or fiddly, loose bolts for maintenance crew to deal with
    – Red indicator to save workers from bending over to check whether lids are locked during routine inspections
    – Lids are slip rated to R10 – AS/NZS 4586
  • PowerLok® lids could be easily fitted with Port of Melbourne Corporation’ standard size padlocks
  • Polycrete® Pits have excellent insulation properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical resistance and zero water absorption
Webb Dock Automotive Terminal, Melbourne

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