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Cable Pits for TMR

cable pits for TMRACO is an approved registered supplier of pits to QLD Main Roads and as required by the client, all components delivered to the project are accompanied with batch related material and test certification providing full traceability to every step in ACO’s supply chain.

ACO CABLEMATE® Type(s) 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 60 cable pits comply with Main Roads Specification MRS 11.78 Fabrication of Structural Steelwork; MRS 11.91 Ducts and Pits; and manufactured to Main Roads standard drawings.

All lids are tested to AS3996 have an electrical insulation coating to AS/NZS1580.408.5-2006; and supplied with a certificate of compliance.

TMR Parts list

TMR Type 1
Part No. Description
75858 Type 1 Plastic Pit
5051013 T1 TMR Cover Comm 475x195x46mm
5051014 T1 TMR Cover Elec 475x195x46mm

TMR Type 3
Part No. Description
75865 Type 3 Plastic Pit
5051033 T3 TMR Cover Comm 494x269x46mm
5051034 T3 TMR Cover Elec 494x269x46mm
5051035 T3 TMR Cover Earth 494x269x46mm

TMR Type 4
Part No. Description
75957 Type 4 Plastic Pit
5051043 T4 TMR Cover Comm 644x344x46mm
5051044 Type 4 TMR Cover Elec Coated cover

TMR Type 7
Part No. Description
76132 Type 7 Plastic Pit
5051073 T7 TMR cover half Comm 459x494
5051074 Type 7 TMR half Elec 459x494
5051001 Type7/8 support Bar coated

TMR Type 8
Part No. Description
75018 Type 8 Plastic Pit
5051083 Type 8 TMR half Comm 634x494
5051084 Type 8 TMR half Elec 634x494
5051001 Type 7/8 support Bar coated

TMR Type 60
Part No. Description
142808 T60 TMR Concrete Surround TMRI
142815 T60 TMR Riser c/w Bolts & Nuts
142830 T60 TMR Infill Lid
142809 T60 TMR – Pit assembly - Communications
142810 T60 TMR – Pit assembly - Electrical

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