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Cable Pits for TMR

cable pits for TMR

ACO is an approved registered supplier of pits and lids to the QLD Government – Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). All components delivered to the project are accompanied with batch-related material and test certification providing full traceability to every step in ACO’s supply chain.

ACO CABLEMATE® Type(s) 3, 4 and 60 cable pits, risers, collars and lids comply with TMR Specification MRTS91 Conduits and Pits; steel lids are fabricated to the requirements of MRTS78 Fabrication of Structural Steelwork; and manufactured to TMR standard drawings.

All lids are tested to AS 3996; electrically insulated to the requirements of AS/NZS 3000; and are slip rated to AS 4586.

TMR Parts list

TMR Type 3
Part No. Description
75865 Type 3 Plastic Pit
5051033 T3 TMR Cover Comm 500x270x46mm
5051034 T3 TMR Cover Elec 500x270x46mm
5051035 T3 TMR Cover Earth 500x270x46mm

TMR Type 4
Part No. Description
75957 Type 4 Plastic Pit
5051043 T4 TMR Cover Comm 650x345x46mm
5051044 T4 TMR Cover Elec 650x345x46mm

TMR Type 60
Part No. Description
142808 T60 TMR Concrete Surround TMRI
142815 T60 TMR Riser c/w Bolts & Nuts
142830 T60 TMR Infill Lid
142809 T60 TMR – Pit assembly - Communications
142810 T60 TMR – Pit assembly - Electrical

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