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Introducing ACO’s PowerLok® Barless Locking System

A new innovation from ACO, the patented PowerLok® barless locking system has been designed to help secure lids to cable pits. Whether you need to use it for Polycrete® Pits, or ACO’s plastic pit range, PowerLok® is designed to lock your lid directly to a pit through a fastened bracket without the need for a low hanging locking bar.

If you’re wondering how PowerLok® works – it’s really quite simple. For basic locking, all you need to do is close the spring hatch. Then, by sliding the clip mechanism, shut it to engage the bracket. This provides a low (but safe) level of security for basic cabling applications.

For high-security areas, including military zones or other sensitive environments, you might require a more secure locking system. The PowerLok® features a bolt or padlock provision that can fasten the lid to the pit via a purposed designed bracket. When the tab slides into position and ultimately locks the lid, you can be sure that no one is going to be able to access it.

Key Benefits and Features of the PowerLok® System

  • Robust design
  • First-class security

Not only does this revolutionary system allow for much greater flexibility, you can choose between standard and high levels of security.

  • Easy accessibility
  • Innovative engineering

There’s no low hanging locking bar or loose bolts to deal with; just a spring loaded access hatch for extra convenience. The absence of a locking bar, typical of traditional locking pits, ensures that metallic components are not kept in proximity to cables for safety reasons. This inhibits a damaged cable from making the lid live.


  • Useful for routine inspections. The red colour indicator signifies whether or not a lid is locked.

For maximised work safety, lids do not exceed 25kg.

PowerLok® Case Studies
It’s easy to see why so many companies, from a variety of industries, are starting to catch on to the benefits of incorporating PowerLok® into their cable management systems. Let’s take a look at a few of these companies who have caught on to the revolution.

Amcom IT/Telecommunications Company

Amcom’s goal was to create a high level of security and safety for their clients. As they’re constantly storing sensitive information, their network infrastructure needs to be first class. After selecting ACO’s PowerLok® enclosure for cables, they knew their information would be safe and could satisfy their clients at the same time.

Located in the CBD, Amcom required a Class B load rated PowerLok® lid to support the anticipated traffic on the footpaths. ACO included the Amcom logo on the lid to assist their staff in locating it while carrying out maintenance.

Ken Fletcher Park

This used to be the site of a demolished power station, but now consists of an amphitheatre, a public plaza, and children’s playground and shade areas with a toilet area. For security purposes, the park area also includes CCTV cameras. It is vital for all of the underground cabling to be appropriately secured from general park traffic, as well as mowers and sprinklers.

Both ACO’s Polycrete® Pits and PowerLok® lids were used by the designers of Ken Fletcher Park. In particular, the designers liked how they could choose between high and regular security for each of their cabling pits. It just goes to show that a little bit of convenience goes a long way.

access cover locking systemButler Train Station, WA

This is a brand new train station – with aspects of futurism – located in Perth’s northern suburbs. To assist with the new infrastructure, designers were hired to combine a number of key factors influencing the security and safety of the area – including CCTV cameras and cables for signalling. As a result, ACO’s cable pits were installed to assist maintenance staff with easier access to network cables.

Additionally, ACO’s PowerLok® lid was appropriate enough to meet with the Western Australian Public Transport Authority’s specific padlocking requirements.

If you want to find out more about any of ACO’s cable pits or the brand new PowerLok® system which can be applied to them, feel free to give ACO a call on 1300 765 226 today to speak with our friendly support team.

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