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Cablemate Durable Product Design

The world of cable pits and cable ducting systems can, somewhat literally, remain underfoot, yet the durability of these enclosures is crucial for the safety of patrons in both public and private areas. That’s why ACO uses the most durable materials to suit each application.

In our ACO Cablemate range, cable pits are manufactured from either polymer concrete or polyethylene plastic; ducting systems are made from polymer concrete; and the lids for the systems are typically made from galvanised steel. Read on to find out more about our durable product design.

Polymer concrete pits
ACO’s polymer concrete pits in the ACO Cablemate range are far more rigid, lightweight and strong than traditional concrete pits. They feature excellent insulation properties, and high mechanical strength to avoid damage. Because they are 100% non metallic, these pits feature a high electrical sensitivity rating. Their weather and chemical resistance with zero water absorption makes them ideal for streetscapes, car parks, industrial sites, driveways, sports venues and even airports.

ACO’s polymer concrete pits are superior to the commonly available traditional glass reinforced concrete (GRC) in 5 key areas:

  • Onsite fabrications and handling
  • Strength
  • Porosity & electrical resistivity
  • Chemical resistance
  • Quality & maintenance

Polyethylene pits
ACO’s flexible plastic pits are suited to light duty applications such as landscaped areas, streetscapes, sports venues, residential applications and median strips. These robust, cost-effective pits feature a ribbed construction for strength and durability.  They are easy to handle and cut for cable entry and do not leak heavy metals into the surrounding environment. The steel lids for these systems are hot dipped galvanised steel and allow for the infill of pavement material to match the surrounds.

Ducting systems
ACO manufactures both heavy and light duty surface cable ducting systems, which consist of modular channels assembled to produce continuous linear runs. They are manufactured from lightweight, strong, durable polymer concrete and feature excellent insulation properties to safely house electrical and communications cables. Because ACO’s ducting systems can support loads up to Class G, they are ideal for both light and heavy duty applications such as exhibition centres, sporting and entertainment venues, communications, electrical and air infrastructure, petrol stations, railway stations and industrial sites.

PowerLok® Lids
ACO supplies the industry’s largest range of lids and access covers, including practical and safe slip resistant varieties. Our ACO Cablemate range includes PowerLok® lids with a choice of standard or high security locking options. The lids are typically manufactured from galvanised steel and can support all load classes, yet remain WHS friendly at under 25 kg. For more info click here

All products in our ACO Cablemate range are supported by an established technical advisory service to ensure correct selection and provide advice on installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any enquiries regarding the Cablemate range.

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