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Update on SCEC endorsed lids

SCEC Endorsed Lids

There has been some confusion in regards to the load rating of SCEC endorsed lids and I wanted to alert you to a few considerations when specifying:

  • SCEC does not place restrictions on access to load class certificates. If a manufacturer is unwilling or unable to supply load test certificates, then you are taking a risk.
  • We recommend load test certificates be supplied only from a NATA endorsed test laboratory that is certified to AS 3996. To avoid ambiguity, it must should contain a photograph of the relevant lid.
Nata Accreditation

load class

A single cable route can pass through a number of different environments and therefore every service pit may be exposed to a different traffic scenario.

Aside is a summary of load classes to AS 3996.

A lack of consideration can lead to lid failure, resulting in a compromise to the security of a sensitive cable route.

Please also note that ACO have launched a new range of load rated Class B and Class D SCEC certified endorsed lids.

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