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ACO PITLOK® and ACO COVERCOM® industry leaders in security

security lids for pitsWe see the signs at bus shelters and on train lines. We notice the heavier than usual security force while walking to sporting stadiums and concert halls searching for weapons. Populating our streets, infiltrating the daily grind, checking our bags and bodies, it’s hard not to notice a sharp increase in supervision and paranoia as we go about our everyday lives.

The global tally of mass destruction stemming from divisive political, religious and ideological beliefs continues to tick over in the world, invading news bulletins and eating away at our peace of mind. Now more than ever, the importance of national security to keep our country and its comrades as safe and secure as possible has never been more prevalent.

Why protect ourselves?

Across Australian shores, the philosophy we have adapted to combat terrorism and other dangers is by remaining a resilient, united and protected front. Australia, like many countries, relies on critical infrastructure systems through our water and power supplies, health facilities, communications and banking systems to sustain our communities. Having the right infrastructure in place is critical to prevent and protect us against times of crisis, natural disasters, equipment failure and criminal activity. Without these systems in place, to say our social and economic wellbeing would be in strife is an understatement – it would be utter chaos.

The ability to withstand disruptions to day to day operations, including criminal activity, natural disasters, cyber attacks and accidents, is vital to the ongoing prosperity, lifecycle and stability of our critical infrastructure, having a follow-on effect on dependent sectors of our economy. We might work collaboratively with other sectors when we do business – our security measures work intrinsically too. By maintaining the mentality that even as a private business in the scheme of our economy, working as a cohesive unit together with government bodies we can maintain border control, secure our fiscal position, protect the interests of our Australian citizens and foster prosperous relationships in the name of national interest and harmonious living.

We can also ensure Australia continues to provide a critical infrastructure system in times of uncertainty by having thorough plans that are able to be responsive, flexible, and improved and recovery procedures in place to withstand and recover from hazards, emergencies and disasters in community, national and global capacities.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our residents, we seek to secure our cyber security systems, and we have processes in place to protect national data. For both foreseeable and unforeseeable risks, we adapt a critical resilience approach to protect the integrity and reliability of our cable infrastructure.

How do we come into the picture?

Here at ACO in Australia, through our partners, Pitlok Industries, we have worked extensively alongside a government authority to develop a range of trafficable enclosures fit for national security purposes. This range of products is specifically manufactured to be first class in line with the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) endorsement standards. The SCEC works most notably to support the Department of Defence for the evaluation of security equipment and also contributes practices employed across several other government departments and agencies to ensure a high level of security for storing sensitive information.

ACO Pitlok. ACO CovercomSCEC uses a rating system, which can be applied to trafficable enclosures in the category of ‘perimeter protection’:

SL1 (or Security level 1) is applied to products installed in sensitive applications of low risk.

SL2 (or Security level 2) is applied to products installed in sensitive applications of medium risk.

Still, various other industries require the highest level possible of security enclosure measures for protecting their assets. We don’t just restrict to solutions for protecting the Defence force – we cater for prisons, road authorities, airports, utilities, telecommunication, embassies, councils and other industries.

ACO have launched ACO PITLOK® and ACO COVERCOM® – two ranges of enclosures made from various materials including high strength reinforced concrete.

ACO PITLOK® is ACO’s SCEC SL1 rated solution comprising either:

  • A plastic pit range of tamper evident lids and precast reinforced concrete plinths to be used with polyethylene pits.
  • A concrete pit range of tamper evident lids and precast reinforced concrete pits

ACO COVERCOM® is ACO’s SCEC SL2 rated solution comprising the industry’s exclusive concrete pit range including tamper evident lids and precast reinforced concrete pits.

Both ranges have patented locking systems within tamper evident lids. Our products are classified onto the Security Equipment Evaluated Products List (SEEPL), which is documented in the SEEPL catalogue, used by Australian Government agencies and their consultants.

We are the industry leaders in national security

Keeping your business out of harm’s way and protecting it against potential threats is not just a matter of completing the necessary checks and balances – it’s a matter of safeguarding it against matters of national security, espionage, sabotage, attacks, foreign interference, politically motivated or communal violence, and more.

Our ranges are manufactured to meet strict government regulations for construction, durability and security. There are only three approved SCEC pit brands on the market, and ACO supplies two of them. Additionally, we are the only provider of security level SL2 enclosures. With no industry competitor in sight for the highest security level of cable pit, we are the market leaders in security for trafficable enclosures.

If you want to find out more about ACO’s wide range of enclosures including SCEC endorsed pits, call 1300 765 226 to speak with an expert or contact us now via email.

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