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Cable Pits for Safer Streets

Walking down a city street, you’d be forgiven for not noticing the medley of cable pits, manholes and other access covers that you’re walking over. Cable pits are not an element of our environment that many of us are inclined to think about in everyday life, but their quality design and installation is vital for the safety of patrons in public, commercial and residential areas. That’s why ACO stocks a range of traffic- and pedestrian-friendly cable pits and surface ducting systems ideal for a large number of applications.

The Cablemate range includes rigid, lightweight, strong polymer concrete pits as well as flexible, light duty, moulded plastic pits. These pits are ideal for use in various applications and are designed to endure the seasons. With the safety of patrons in mind, ACO’s cable pit range is available with anti-slip and locking lid varieties. We also stock light and heavy duty cable ducting systems which are assembled to produce continuous runs ideal for use in exhibition centres, sporting & entertainment venues, communications, electrical and air infrastructure, petrol stations, railway stations and industrial sites.

For the safety of service providers, these ducting systems are manufactured from durable polymer concrete and feature continuous and unobstructed access when the lid is removed. Polycrete® surface ducting systems also feature a variety of galvanised, WHS-friendly lid options, insulation properties that match those of concrete without steel reinforcing and modular interlocking male and female channel joints for easy and cost effective installation. Lids are available in polymer concrete, steel and ductile iron to suit every application. We can even offer solutions for large cast in situ for trench systems and enclose them with trench run multipart access covers for all load classes to Class G (AS 3996). They are designed for safe access and safe service with durability as a priority. For detailed information and specifics on ACO’s Polycrete® Ducting systems, visit our Polycrete® page.

For cable pits with excellent insulation properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical and corrosion resistance and zero water absorption, ACO’s Polycrete® range of cable pits is the way to go. Our Polycrete® Pits are ideal for use as electrical and communications enclosures. They are made from polymer concrete and are available with a wide range of lids and access covers to Glass G (AS 3996). These Polycrete® Pits are lighter and therefore less cumbersome than traditional concrete pits, making them suitable for use in carparks, streetscapes, sports venues, driveways, industrial sites, urban distribution and airports. And because the lids do not exceed 25kg in weight, they can be accessed without excessive strain and comply with WHS standards.

For light duty applications such as landscaped areas, streetscapes, residential areas and median strips, our robust and versatile polyethylene cable pits meet function, aesthetic and budget requirements. They are lightweight, easy to cut and feature a ribbed construction for strength and durability.

For the benefit of our environment, ACO’s polyethylene cable pits are made from recyclable plastic that contains no toxic heavy metals. And for the safety of patrons, these pits are also available with optional anti-slip lids and access covers for load classes up to Class B (AS 3996). Discrete recessed access covers are also available, allowing for the infill of pavement material to create an aesthetically pleasing flow of materials in streetscapes and residential areas.

Ideal for use in light duty installations, polyethylene cable pits are lightweight, easy to handle and cut for cable entry penetration, without compromising their weather resistant and robust properties. For more information about ACO’s extensive range of polyethylene cable pits, visit Polyethylene pits page.

To find out how to create safe streetscapes and publics areas, bypass messy manholes and visit – and next time you walk down a city street, spare a thought for cable pits.

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